SS/CZ Hamsa Hand Ring

SS/CZ Hamsa Hand Ring


Petite sterling silver ring, combining style and meaning. A brilliant blue gem radiates calm from the open palm while the surrounding stones are cubic zirconia's on this hamsa hand ring. Its slim band makes it a perfect fit for layering when your look calls for maximum glitz. Rhodium plated for that high polish finish

Rhodium plating is used to create a white reflective appearance on jewelry giving it that a high shine and bright white finish. It is part of the platinum metal family and it provides jewelry with a durable surface which when cared for properly will resist scratches and tarnish. Body chemistry is a factor on how long your plating will last. This is not a defect in the product.


Perfumes, lotions, water and harsh chemicals. Your plating depending on body chemistry will last 12-18 months with proper care. Under your plating is .925 sterling silver.

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